Monday, November 26, 2007


that is Samantha's new thing. everything new or different is scary (comes out more like 'cary).
no big deal, most of the time a little affirmation makes her feel ok again and life goes on.

Tonight was one of those moments that I was so glad that two year olds don't really pronounce their words correctly just yet.

We were at Lydia's dance and there was a great-grandmother there watching her only great-granddaughter dance her heart away.
Next to this sweet lady was her oxygen tank and all the tubes that go along with it.
Samantha broke out in a "'SCARY mommy 'scary" pointing her finger and saying it in her o so sweet but o so loud voice. (she was in swatting distance of this poor woman!)
I quickly prayed that not only were this ladies lungs not up to par but her hearing as well. (terrible, I know....I didn't really but it just sounded funny)

the grandmother was oblivious, this time BUT
I have a feeling that this won't be the last time that I will send up a quick prayer of relief over embarrasment from something Samantha says.

pretty sure I'm in for a 'cary ride.


Team Summers said...

What a cutie! I'm sure the grandma would understand, but I would have been nervous about it too. They just don't seem to have a good volume control, do they!?!

Tonya F. said...

Right there with you Holly! :-) When Jake was that same age, there was a rather round woman at the video store. He was standing in line behind her and he his also load voice...but better annunciation..."Daddy...she has a big Tushie!" We both about turned into stone right then and there...we couldn't laugh...we couldn't cry...

Mom B said...

Ah, Children, they speak what's on thier minds without the slightest hesitation, and in the process, we, as adults are brought to our knees! Tonya, your response to Holly's post was hysterical!
I'm pretty sure I had many such moments with Holly and her brother, but don't have one that's just jumpin out at me right now. Do you remember any Holly?
Yes, Samantha is correct, oxygen tanks are VERY 'CAREY. I love it!!!!!!