Monday, December 31, 2007

good bye 2007

So I locked myself out of my house (with the girls inside)
Fell on the Ice
Hit and dented 2 doors of a friends!!!!

all on top of the seemingly never ending stomach bug

good bye 2007.

2008 - I'm countin' on ya.

on a more positive note:
The big girls and I got a break today to celebrate a friends birthday, it was a blast and much needed outing.
I, after coming home, have to add our Miss Kate (miss cake) to my hero list.
She washed every piece of diarrhea/puky laundry.....that is a REAL hero!

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shelby said...

Hi Holly!
Thanks for the note on my blog...I've been enjoying yours and amazed at how you pull of being a mom of 4 girls under 4... Loved the 12/29 entry!

I wrote you at your gmail address but wasn't sure if that's one you use or not. Anyway, I'm so glad to be able to see you all grown up now with a family of your own. Maybe some day our paths will cross in person. For now, I'll be hanging with you in blogsphere!