Friday, December 14, 2007

It's time....

I knew it would come.

I was walking out the door of a restaurant the other day with a friend.
She zipped her coat.
I did not.

She, absent mindedly, made a comment about how she was bundled up and I wasn't.
I, under my breath, told her that it's because I've had this coat since before kids and so I CAN'T bundle up.
She chuckled, I chuckled.

She then told me the only reason she could zip hers is because it's a maternity coat - her youngest being almost 2.

I laughed at our patheticness - hard - and then we set a date, at Burlington Coat Factory!!!!

What happened to that promise to myself that I wouldn't let my needs go unchecked after babies??? Times have changed and now I just don't care, seems there are just more important, fun, and meaningful things to care about.

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smithfive said...

take care of yourself - it is something easier to say to a friend than to actually do for yourself - especially when the children are so small - as fun as they are - they will take every available ounce of energy you have if you let them - and yet - it it so so important to take care of yourself - when you do - you feel better - you are happier - and you feel better about being a mommy -

(just preaching to myself here as all of my kids are up, dressed, fed, hair done - and I am not...)

have fun coat shopping!