Friday, December 14, 2007

The Manger

We don't have a tree in our living room but we do have a manger. Here is was before we had our Christmas celebration
I haven't decided what the significance of putting the presents in the manger instead of under the tree will be for us , right now I'm just hoping it's not sacrilege but either way, we'll figure some meaning out. Until then it's just looks neat (I know, I know, deep stuff)


Mom B said...

I think the manger idea was brilliant! God's greatest gift to mankind,Jesus,came to us in a manger. I think it is an exceptional way to teach your children about God's love for us, His gift of His son for us. In turn, they can learn to express love for others by putting thier gifts in the manger as well. Good job Holly!

Team Summers said...

I think it's perfect too! A celebration of gifts in relation to their representation of our celebration of the greatest gift of all, baby Jesus!!!