Thursday, December 27, 2007


We have had some very gross phases around here. Reflux, stomach flus, spontaneous eruptions in diapers, random puking and always multiplied by 2 or 3 or 4.

But Sophie, all by herself, has taken the cake on this one.

The poor girl has some sort of stomach bug that I can NOT for the life of me figure out where it came from.

It's 11pm and I have changed 4 diarrhea diapers since she had her last bottle at 8pm - normal for a stomach bug, yes.
But the burping that smells just like the diarrhea is going to push me over the edge of all the gross I can handle. It's nasty, just nasty.

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Jake said...

That's not "burping" -- when it smells like that it's actually called "shurping" -- don't worry, shurping is not contagious.

But don't let a kid who has the "shyawns" in a room with other kids.

"Shyawning", as you may have guessed, is when a yawn smells bad. And just like yawns are contagious, if you have a kid who shyawns in front of other kids, pretty soon you have a room full of shyawning kids. NOT GOOD.

PS - last time I ran into these two phenomenons, I just crumbled up some of those blue bowl cleansers in the kids' breakfast cereals. Knocked that stuff right out. Very common malady in kids who eat lots of school cafeteria food --