Monday, December 24, 2007


a quick e-mail from a dear mom-friend who just happens to also have 4 children born within 3 years of each other:

The other night it was Lilly's turn to pick out the ornament for our advent calendar. They are tucked into little pockets so they are a 'surprise' when they are pulled out. The ornament she chose was a bunch of holly leaves with 3 red berries. Lilly was all excited and she was showing us all what it was. Then she got very thoughtful and said, "This isn't the REAL holly. It only has three berries. The REAL Holly has 4 babies, so this should have four berries, not three."

Have a Merry Christmas!

I will tell and treasure this story forever! Thanks for standing up for me Lily!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. That is adorable!! That's priceless.