Friday, December 21, 2007

Strawberry Cup Cakes.

Lydia and Samantha helped me make Peanut butter cookies one day and then for weeks after Lydia was dying to make "Strawberry Cup Cakes"
(interp: strawberry shortcake....the cartoon character)
actual cup cakes were not what she was invisioning so we improvised with thumbprint cookies filled with strawberry jelly! That worked.
Lydia is one mean baker, they turned out so good there weren't even enough for daddy when he came home that day!
Samantha started to help but quickly lost intrest and then showed up for the picture and final product...that's my kind of baking!


Anonymous said...

that is why they make such great sisters!! hmmm they look delicious! -Erika

Mom B said...

That's my girl, and of course she got those baking genes from me right Holly?:)
Next it will be on to cakes and then bread. You will soon be on your way to running a family bakery! Wouldn't that be a dream!
I decided that the Nutmeg Cookie Logs look like babies all swaddled in a blanket and I think we need to rename them "Baby Jesus Cookies" What do you think?