Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two different Roads

I drove to Westroads Mall today for a Christmas party with friends.
This is the same mall at which 9 innocent people were shot and killed just a few weeks ago by a very troubled young man.
Although the mall was far from where we live our everyday lives, the neighborhood in which this young man lived was within stone's throw of my own.
So, my road to the mall would have been the same as his.
I couldn't help but dwell on this for the 30 minute drive north.
This road of ours was the same but all the other roads in our lives were starkly different.
Am I reaching out to those on roads that are so torturous?
I cannot be responsible for the nine lives lost, not even close, but I can be responsible for how often I step out of my world into the world of another who is hurting or directionless.

The young man's quote was that he wanted to go out like a movie star...a scream for attention. He is getting attention now, but it's too late.
I am hurting at his lack of attention before it was too late and motivated to seek out those who may seem to be on the same road as me, but are very much not and who are screaming out for attention. Attention that will last, attention that will give peace, attention that is from their Creator, attention from the ultimate Love.

Yes, we drove on the same road and lived on the same streets but.....
Do they know you Father?

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Anonymous said...

Its' so easy to get stuck on our own little world, it's easy to walk in and out of lives and leave them much the same, it's a challenge to see outside yourself... Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and thank you for sharing.