Wednesday, January 16, 2008

and again...."oh Samantha".

That just needs to be her name: "Ohsamantha". Seems like that's how I say it every time any way.
Today, JUST today I:
*had to have her named called out over an intercom and search party warned at the Children's Museum to look out for a little girl with black bows in her hair....she is missing. (actually, she just knew where she was going and took off under the supervision of 3 mommies - how does she do that?)
*After lunch out on the town there were three adults helping get my kids into our car and when I looked up half way through I saw Samantha about 15 feet away from us literally dancing in circles on a huge patch of ice AND in the middle of the street. Not one of us saw her walk away and who knows how long she was there for?
*During nap she destroyed 3 pull-ups because they were 'yucky' - meaning that I had to go in there that many times to get her a new one and threaten her with her future allowance money if she kept destroying them!
*I couldn't find her today AT HOME. There are only so many places to hide, right? I still don't know where she was but she eventually appeared back in the living room.
*I put her clothes BACK on 4 times (what is the fascination?)
*and, last but not least, I must have kissed her about 1,000 times today when I kept coming around the corner to see her 'dancing' (she just walks around in a small circle...that, to her, is dancing!)
funny, funny kid.

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Tera said...

I just had to let you know that not only can she dance, she gets serious air when she jumps. I couldn't believe how much fun she had just jumping, the best part was she got everyone at my house involved. She is going to be a serious social butterfly, and a great leader too!! She's adorable, they all are. Thanks for sharing.