Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Message In A Bottle!!!

This is my message in a bottle.
For two days I have been banished to an island void of any computer contact.
The computer works but the dead. The keyboard works so I can get here and type a message, but that's all (and I threw my fingers out hitting the tab button over and over!)

Getting to this page has been entirely by keyboard.
Is this what it was like before the mouse?
It's like using a TV without a remote.



Cassie said...

ok holly...i have a question for you. how do you get your posts to go all the way over on the left side? i have all this blank space on each side of my blog and i want to utilize the whole page! i can't figure it out! maybe it's your template? which template do you use?

Marc, Jaimee and Ben said...

Yikes! I love your pictures!!! I hope it's fixed soon :)

Tera said...

Most of us would give up. I am amazed at your perserverence! You go Girl!! Keep smiling it is infections. Have a great day!