Saturday, January 12, 2008


feeling the need for clarification:
1. 'wind' of a move simply meant, we've been here three years and there is TALK of a move, nothing on paper
2. as soon as there is something, anything, on paper, you'll be the first to know
3. it will not be Dayton - more likely, the other coast or the south even
4. I was putting away my Christmas decorations which happens to be next to the purgable pile and I had just gotten off the phone with Jake where we'd had one of our hundreds of conversations about 'where to go next'/'when to go next'....THAT is what ensued the purging, nothing more

moving on (well, in subject, not physically)


smithfive said...

oh - I wouldn't wish the south on anybody..... i hope you go somewhere else! (travis, travis, travis, travis or beale, beale, beale, beale....) well - actually - I will reserve my prayers for your next assignment selfishly until we get ours - in 20 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

the 'south' meaning Texas - to be specific...Jake's hometown (ish)...

Anonymous said...

We have had the threat of moving for months now, we have a new commander, the base suffered a tragic loss of members of our military family and we are still on the list with a move date being pushed further into the future. I don't think we will ever leave this (blank) place.

In the mind game with you.