Monday, January 21, 2008

the 'sound proof' room

this is very technical and very state of the art but you too could have one in your own home.

all you need is a closet and a pack and play.

there, have I officially ruined any hopes that I might one day be a great mom?

here is the explanation:

Situation - 4 kids. 2 bedrooms. 3 kids take naps but 1 takes them on a little bit different schedule. The one who does not take a nap still gets to have quiet time while all the others are taking a nap. follow?

Solution - set up pack and play in another room, utilizing the 3 needed rooms instead of the original 2 that were set up.

Problem - the room is too small because it is the play room and our toys are very important.

Solution - pack and play fits in closet.

Problem - it sorta looks funny that our kids sleep in a closet

Solution - still working on that one.

Benefits - when you put a screaming baby in here, close the doors just a little, close the play room doors, turn on the hall bathroom fan, close your door AND turn on your bathroom fan you have a sound proof room even if you live in a 1950's home built by the lowest bidder.

Disclaimer - this is primarily Samantha's nap area/closet (let's just call it what it is) and she loves it. We leave the doors open however, at times, she chooses to close them and sleep in a cocoon. And it just so happens that occasionally, very occasionally, we use it for an inconsolable baby as well.

Warning - This will totally and completely offend ALL first time mommies and for that, I am sorry - really, it's not as bad as it sounds or looks.....that's what I tell myself anyway.

Note - This will make all second, third, fourth and fifth time mommies laugh hysterically and feel better about the mom that they least their kid doesn't have to sleep in a closet...and for that, you are welcome.


Jeni & Jeremy said...

Hi Holly,
I know that you really don't know me, but I have to tell you...I love your blog. I love your stories. I can very much relate to the closet thing. We have a small house and I used to put Abby in my closet in her infant seat for naps just so the two older kids couldn't find her and wake her up.
I hope you are feeling better!!

Angela said...

my lil guy always slept in a pack and play in the closet when i visited my mom... she thought it was awful, i thought it was awesome, and so did he... very cozy, and we all still had our privacy!

Courtney said...

oh, i'm all about the pack n play in the closet! that's how the youngest always sleeps on vacations!

Beckysblog said...

I love it and I'm considering one in my house!

Erika said...

This first time mommy finds it to be a stroke of inspired genius!

Cory Jill Syd & Brenna said...

Whatever works is my motto! I'm laughing because I've so been there in the 50's house built by the lowest bidders using my bathroom fans for "soundproofing"

Jennifer C said...

Love it! I am laughing so hard because it made me remember "rigging" up a "sleeping room" in a hotel room because Mackenzie would not sleep if she could see anyone! I stuck the pack and play in the closet and then hung the hotel bedspread from the bar in the closet using 2 hair clips. It made a great tent and she slept like a baby. Whatever works! High paid architects and inventors don't have anything on us moms...we have more creativity and ingenuity in our little pinkies than they do in their whole bodies!!:)

Anonymous said...

DO you remember you slept in the closet on our vacation together to Port Charlotte, Florida. You were not exactly thrilled but considering the other option was being in the living room with the "stinky boys" you chose the closet. Love you, mamaw

Amy said...

Both my kids have slept in a pack-n-play inside a closet at some point. There was one vacation with Sophie where we even stuck the pack-n-play in the bathroom. Whatever works!

Anonymous said...

ha, I am going to experiment my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's truly amazing, thanks.

- Norman