Sunday, February 10, 2008

DADDY'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake landed from his Caribbean vacation, oops, I mean deployment, last night at 7:15pm.
The girls took off running and screaming towards their daddy when they saw him and an entire crowd of people grew smiles on thier faces - a few even stopped to watch the homecoming!


Anonymous said...

That just made me so happy I teared up! Yay Jake's home!! And so tan! :) Love you guys!


Amy said...

Exactly what I thought... look how tan he is!

Marc, Jaimee and Ben said...

What a tan! And he looks very happy to be home. I bet the girls have many things planned for him now that he's home! Welcome back!

melanie said...

i'm so glad he's back (finally). thanks for all your sacrifice on our behalf. i know it really is a sacrifice and i'm very, very grateful.

Anonymous said...


So great to see yall all together again!

Courtney said...

yea!!!!! enjoy reconnecting! i'll be praying for all the emotions involved!