Wednesday, February 20, 2008

going back

I was at a ladies function last night with women from ALL walks of life.
One precious girl who has not entered motherhood yet asked me if I missed 'this' as she gazed into the sweet face of a friends newborn in her arms......

to that I say, here is something you need to read:

a night in January 07

no sweetheart, I do not.
I will, however, go into mourning on Lydia's fourth birthday because THREE has been the best age yet - she is just one cool kid right now!


Cassie said...

i thought three was the best stage...until brigg turned 4. then i was certain 4 was the best stage until 5 arrived. i loved 5 and wanted him to stay 5 forever...until he turned 6! now i'm certain it can only go downhill from here! :) really, in my experience thus far, it only keeps getting better!!

Angela said...

ha to cassie!!
I was going to write I liked 4 best with dd, until she turned 5!!

I LOVE 5!!! She's so much fun!!!

(I have to say, 3 was REALLY hard with my strong willed girly, though...but it's been a blast with my little guy!)
I agree... I LOVE babies...but every year just keeps getting better!
Less spit up and poop to deal with has got to be a good thing, too, right? ;)