Saturday, February 16, 2008

a new one

There are not words to describe just how fascinating and fascinated Lydia is in all her 3 yr old glory.

We are constantly laughing and I am constantly digging deep inside my head to try and figure out just how to write it all down so as not to forget it - I have decided there is no possible way - she is too far out there for words.

Just in the past two days she has informed us that she is a princess and daddy is the trash man, that she is "thr....twenty two" when asked how old she is, that she wants BBQ for lunch when we haven't uttered that word in her presence for over 6 months and that her sisters are her best friends -

See, none of it sounds all that crazy when written down but when you put her face behind it, her talking hands in front of it and the randomness of when it occurs it becomes unbelievable.

So, some of them just have to be stored in our heads and hearts but this one, this is getting written:

Jake goes to give the big girls a bath last night and takes his shirt off to keep it dry during the whole process - this amazed the girls, it's not something they have seen recently, it's been all girls here
The bath goes as planned with a few side glances of curiosity at daddy
Jake is getting Lydia dressed when she just can't stand it anymore and pops out with a 'What's that daddy?' pointing to his collar bone
'This?' Jake says, clarifying the question, 'that's my collar bone'.
Lydia replies with a quizical statement because the first answer just didn't do it for her:
'Actually daddy, I think somebody's in there'

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Amy said...

When Andrew was three, he insisted to everyone that he was nine. Nine was the magic age, it seems. And when Juli-Bug was three, she would insist on going to "Hobby Lobbies" for lunch! I think three is my favorite age. :D