Saturday, February 2, 2008

not soon enough

there are MANY MANY parts to this whole 'baby/toddler phase' we're in that I will truly miss - (ok, maybe not MANY MANY, maybe just MANY)

but there is one that I just won't....and please do not convince me that there is any possible way I will...just let me be surprised (or not!).

the constant uncontrolled flow of bodily fluids

really, between the ripped off diapers, reflux x's 3, potty training a defiant 2 year old who's world is totally chaotic and the occasional random boughts of diarrhea/puking I think I'll be done.
Stick a fork in me (now would nice.)

After making and frosting and cleaning up a delicious bowl of fancy chocolate frosting I walked into the bathroom to see the defiant two year old staring back at me with the 'oh shoot' eyes.
She had smeared poop all over the bathroom floor, the toilet and herself. All of the sudden that Chocolate Cinnamon cake with Dark Chocolate frosting didn't look so appetizing (same color - go figure).....and my two year old didn't look so cute. That could have something to do with the fact that it was her 4th accident of the day and it's only 3pm.

nope, not gonna miss it....and I'm inconvincible to boot.

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Sher said...

I so agree!!! I will never miss changing diapers, pull-ups or sheets after an accident. People argue with me all the time but even when my kids are long gone I know I won't miss that. I may miss snuggling a baby or hugging and playing with a toddler but I will never miss bodily excretions! They belong in one place and one place only!!!!