Thursday, February 7, 2008

a soft spot is starting to form, watch out!

I'm not typically known as the "compassionate girl"
I'm the "tough love girl", the friend you come to when you need a good loving kick in the pants, right?

That's always been one of my insecurities anyway.

So, when I am hearing messages of compassion all around me, and I mean ALL around me (two unrelated Bible Studies, a random grouping of scripture that I decided to memorize, 2 Sermons at church, 1 radio program and 2 friends blogs - it's getting loud around here!),
I'm thinkin' God is wanting to make a change. Change???
Also not one of my favorite qualities when it comes to this 'inside stuff'!

Here is where I'm at:

compassion must be learned and practiced (something I am going to just dig in and start)
forgivness is involved somehow (Col 3:12-14 - the memory verse I mentioned)
we are supposed to have compassion on those who won't reciprocate
it's supposed to be refreshing (He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed - pro 11:25)
it's about 'doing' things for Christ, not the person you are having compassion on (Matt 25:40)
Forgive as Christ forgave you and then go beyond with compassion - it makes you different.

practice compassion
forgive everyone
be refreshed

my prayer:
examples to practice this on in my own life, clarity and refreshment (dangerous, I know)

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Courtney said...

wow...thanks for sharing! that took some guts! :-)