Tuesday, February 24, 2009


You know how when God is asking you to do something really really pain staking and rather than just get it over with you drag it out - discuss it with Him - offer up some other options - be immature about it - etc.?
I just did that....all last week. Actually it was more like 9 days.


It took me about nine minutes to do.

It's like asking for the torture before the blow even if there wasn't mention of torture before.
(I won't elaborate here but my mind is imagining very vivid gruesome things right now!)

Will I ever learn?

Seriously. I think one of the things on my 'I did that' list before I die is have at least 10 good years of saying YES! to God immediately.

This was one of those things that doesn't necessarily 'feel good' after you do it.
Not only was it scary but the scary won't go away in nine seconds....actually, it might even take like nine years...but nine vs. never - nine wins!

I'll take it - mostly because, once again, it's not about me, it's about Him.
His glory and all that He has given me.
Could I not have just spared nine minutes (or even nine years) after all He's done, is doing and will do for me?

I'm gonna go have a really good cry now and get it over with.....man that tension can build up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,
I have been thinking and praying for you this week in particular...now I know why! We haven't seen each other for so long but I still think of you often. We went to church in Linc. this weekend and there is an awesome sermon you should hear online. It's Lincoln Berean..I have no idea what the website is but I'm sure you could find it. I loved the part he spoke about anger. My downfall...Just had to say hi! Miss you! Kimberly S.

Courtney said...

obedience. not always easy. but GOOD.