Thursday, February 19, 2009

where I shop.

$.99 kids meals at Applebees....OH MY!

fun morning.

Ok, so this is for you Heather, and everyone else who is just dying to know my secrets.
Here's the deal with the girls clothes, where I 'shop', etc...

I LOVE a good bargain - like A GOOD bargain,
don't care if it's used,
actually, I prefer it to be used (I feel all environmentally aware when it's used),
and I'm cheap.

I have a reputation amongst my friends for finding the ONLY amazing pieces in any thrift store - they are just jealous ;-)

Here is a run down of my hot spots:
Salvation Army is my #1 fav. - top picks there are linens (I'm totally in to used sheets), furniture, and clothes

Goodwill - Monday's for clothes (the $.99 cent color tag switches on Monday's so you get the best selection), 1/2 price furniture on Saturday for furniture, and a few Goodwill's have excellent books to choose from....but not all.

New Life Thrift - (local) furniture for the 'cool' pieces, housewares/antiquie kind of stuff, and linens - clothes only occasionally.

Big Wheels to Butterflies - local consignment store for kids

Target Clearance Racks - but only 75% off or more - strict rule on this one.

Wal-mart - (as much as I dislike this 'hole') occasionally has really cute little girls shoes (like, in between the not so cute little girls shoes ;-)

and let us not forget to give an upstanding honorable mention to the amazing season of GARAGE SALES.....they can't come fast enough!!!!
Oh and hand me downs from other friends with older little girls - that's like our ultimate fav'!!!

If I stray from that list it's usually at TJMaxx - like this years Easter Dresses - I couldn't resist.

can we say TMI????


heather said...

thank you Holly! : )

Tisha said...

Right there with you, shopping just like you do!