Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dress, jewelry, etc...

this is the dress this year for the ball
(same as last year, I do NOT look like this in the dress)

and as pretty as it is, I am so struggling with jewelry and shoes!!!!

#1 - I wear a size 11 (shoes ;-)
#2 - I'm cheap and would like to stay under $20 for shoes and under $40 for jewelry
#3 - I want it all to look like I paid WAY more and like I just stepped off the ship from the Mediterranean
#4 - I'm playing around with too many accent colors. Purple shoes, red shoes, etc...
#5 - I have strict 'closed toed' rules when it comes to elegant formals
#6 - I also have strict 'darker than your hem line' rules

really, I'm not asking much right?

OH! and I have about a week and a half to put this all together.


melanie said...

this is exactly the style of dress i have been searching for! (only a little less formal). i love it!

did you try lane bryant for shoes? i got some great size 11 shoes there last year . . .

i can't help you with jewelry etc. i stink at fashion (i like kohl's prices though).

Tisha said...

Very pretty dress. Never been to a ball, no imput on the accessories ;-)

Courtney said...

i always (like once every 5 years when i have a need...) go to kohl's for jewelry for stuff like this.

Stacy said...

I'd be happy to make jewelry for you if you want! I've done a couple of I'm willing!!