Monday, March 23, 2009

a little Dr. Suesolly for ya.

It's Monday.
Not my Fun Day.
Maybe another day.
But not today.

It's grey outside.
Which makes me grey inside.
All my sides,
are grey.

It's Monday.
It's a grey day.
There are no good sides today.

Maybe tomorrow's day won't be grey.
Maybe tomorrow's day will go a different way.


EM said...

ok, Holly, that's more like Dr. Seusidal! What ever happened to "oh the places you'll go!" I hear you though. Keep looking for that rainbow on the inside, don't let the grey take over!

Marc, Jaimee, Ben and Liam said...

Hey now, that's really good!

Marc, Jaimee, Ben and Liam said...
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