Monday, March 2, 2009


that's me...I might be M.I.A. this week.
Jake is off and I feel refreshed just thinking about it!

no big plans - some out of town friends staying one night on their trek/PCS to Alaska - but other than that, it's hang time around here!

so so so looking forward to it.


EM said...

OK Holly, your title freaked me out! Glad you get to kick back a bit, and that nothing bad has happened!

Courtney said...

sounds heavenly! enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time with your sweetie. Did you know that Ruth Graham's friends called Billy "the plague" because when he was home they never saw Ruth. They would say that Ruth had "the plague" to excuse her absence. I think that she was a woman who understood that when you have a husband who is gone alot that you have to take full advantage of the time he is home.