Friday, March 13, 2009

really, that is just too much.

I am now, officially, too close with one of my friends.
it's closer than two people should be.

in just one weeks time she has had to endure me puking in the car with her,
my window was broken and stuck in the closed position,
I had one fountain drink type of cup to use and about twice or three times the amount that would fit in the cup,
we were on a freeway and it took a few minutes to get over, stop and open a door,
when we did, I lost the cup and 'it' flew out all over the now open door.

actually, there were three friends in the car, thank you very much.

that was last Saturday, I came home and slept for two days (attached to the bathroom, of course) and now I'm all better.

So, today, one of those friends daughters is playing at my house with the girls and BAM! the poor thing starts spuing all over Lydia and Samantha's bedroom floor.

whatever this 'bug' is produced large amounts of vomit. be warned.

so, now, not only have I puked and dropped my puke in front of my friend, I have now watched her daughter puke and then cleaned it up from the floor, door and walls of my house (which actually caused me to puke again)
OH! and all this while Jake was in our bedroom wishing he could just puke and get it over with (which he eventually did).

Lydia puked several times Sunday night, in the middle of the night, ALL over.
like, we're talking bath time was at 3am for her that day.

puke. puke. puke. puke.



KB said...

I'm sorry you are having to go through this...Andy just had all the puke and the house STILL smells like vomit!!! I can't get it out of the chair pad in his room! BLEH!!!

The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

Yes, this was awful for the friend too! Me! I felt so sorry for you having to clean that up! Why can they never go into the bathroom when they feel sick? We have sickness still in our house, with Michael and Jakob down for the day. Emma only threw up that one time at your house though and was feeling fine the next day! Let's pray that I do not get it!