Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exodus Ch 1-13

so I'm doing this study in Exodus with a few girlfriends.

it's like really really cool sometimes and really really frustrating other times....
and I'm learning that is just the nature of Exodus.
it's an emotional roller coaster.

and this morning, this is how
 I felt about it:

but then after the few of us got together and hashed out what we all got from it, I felt a little more like this:
take that Exodus!!!!  you don't own me!

all kidding aside, I am marveling, once again, at just how much is packed in that Bible of ours, how intricately it's woven together, how miraculously it seems written just to me every time I crack it open and how powerful it is to all of human kind, - wow.
Miraculous really is the word.


Anonymous said...

Um yeah...I think I get it...

I'm battling it out in Joshua right now... :)

Missy said...

ha ha-stick out that tongue girl, show Exodus who's boss!!
(PS.-I love our Tuesday mornings)