Friday, April 24, 2009

this is finally going to be an amazing summer for parks...

...I have waited five years for this summer.

Summer 1: I was very pregnant and half way through, Lydia was a new born

Summer 2: I was very pregnant and had a one year old who still didn't walk (Lydia was 16 months old before she walked...that would be December!)/ had a new born towards the end of this one

Summer 3: I was pregnant with twins, had a pretty fearful two year old and a completely fearless one year old - BAD combo.  Really, it was.  One was always stuck and the other one was always bleeding.  WHEN we went, that is.

Summer 4:  I still had a fearful 2/3 year old and a fearless 1/2 year old only now I had two six month olds to attend to...I can count on one hand the times we went to the park and had fun that summer.

Summer 5:  last summer.  it was 'ok'.  had a little less fearful 3/4 year old and a little more fearful 2/3 year old...who both still got stuck and bled all the time (this would be the year Lydia got stitches!)...and now we had some super fun and super obedient and one super fearless/one super whiny 18 month olds to take with us....sounds like a blast huh?
I can count, maybe on two hands this time, the times we went last year and had fun.

and now, this summer...
shoot, it isn't even summer yet and we have hit the park, for very extended amounts of time, TWICE in one week.
unheard of in this house.
one time to the park all the other five summers and I was cured for at least 3 weeks.

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The park is one of my most favorite memoriesfrom my childhood. Our park is 10 feet outside our door now and always has kids we know there. We live at the park and it keeps us sane in the land of fish. Just enjoy and remember the sunscreen so the return home is just as happy.

Courtney said...

yay!!! that's AWESOME!!!

Stacy said...'s happening!!! You're surviving!!!