Thursday, April 16, 2009

too fun.

remember my Tues night group?
we call it the "Got Questions" group.
I hesitate to call it a Bible study cause...well, it's just not.

well, it's so cool.
so so so so cool.

One member has given her life to Christ this year
Another has embraced her decision and quote, "is cool with being a Christian now and could never have said that before"
and I could go on!

it's exciting stuff to see the Holy Spirit so actively can almost see the sweat.

we just finished The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel

incredible book and I will now be reading at least Part 3 every Lent.

Easter has always meant a great deal to me, it's always been THE most important to me but this year, because all the details were so fresh on my mind from that book, it came alive.

I was crying on Palm Sunday and looking around wondering why everyone was being so calm....don't they understand what happened on this day and what was about to happen to Him!!!????
(oh yeah, maybe it wasn't as fresh on their minds ;-)

We finished the book and then asked the question 
'Who is Jesus to you?'

the answers were blowing me away - I couldn't even pick a favorite.

I struggled answering the question myself, not because I didn't know but because I couldn't decide first where to start and then once I did get going, where to stop?
I just kept writing and writing and writing. don't believe me?
try it yourself.

Who is Jesus to you?

or if you don't know much about Him
who do you want Him to be to you?

you'll be shocked....ok, well, I was.

Now we are taking a little forced break due to some other fun things going on and in May we'll dig right back in.

For one or two weeks we'll compare Catholicism to Protestantism - cause it keeps coming up!

and then we'll just continue on that trend with a few weeks of  study on different world religions and how they mirror Christianity (our definition of Christianity anyway ;-).

and my research began this week for the Catholicism part....
and I'm having just a little bit of fun....
or maybe, A LOT of fun :-)

love this stuff...I really do.

we'll also be adding a few new members - people who are still unsure of their spiritual beliefs - and that gets me even MORE excited!

I'd better stop writing....this subject grabs my heart and I just can't shut up.

(I was going to post what I wrote about who Jesus was to me but am having a hard time pushing 'Publish' - I could barely read it in the group time - and I'm pretty sure someone laughed after I finished! - so, maybe I'll muster up the courage later on - it is so personal and yet I want everyone to know what He means to me, and yet.......we'll see)


Stacy said...

OOO....i like the line "Who do you want Him to be to you?"!! I'm going to use that on a friend who is seeking for something to hold onto...and is trying to turn to God but not sure how...

Courtney said...

what a great group! i love hearing about it. don't stop sharing (and i'd love to hear your answer too! i won't laugh!)

Missy said...

Um, I didn't laugh because it was funny okay!!! I laughed because it was one of those awkward silences where nobody knew how to respond so I stupidly blurbed out a laugh ( I was deflecting ;) ) Please post your "who is Jesus to me?" it was very well written, and thoughtful...I'm going to post my response....

Naomi said...

Case for Christ- certaintly is an awesome book. Your group sounds wonderful!