Friday, April 10, 2009

um, yeah.

we're here.
we're alive.
we're doing great.

and I thought last weekend was insane?

this weekend:

Friday night (tonight!) date night.
- this is a very very good thing - not sure Jake and I have seen each other for more than a few hours total this whole week.

Saturday morning is the first Portrait Project
- a cool vision on the heart of one of my dearest friends to capture family portraits for people recovering in homeless shelters.  a little bright spot in the darkest hours of their life.  I do not take the pictures but I am one of her right (and maybe even left ;-)  hand women.
we (like 5 of us) will be doing a little make-up, a little hair, we have been hand painting canvases for weeks (uh, and if I do say so myself, they are incredible!!!), and yesterday I even had to pose like a dude to help her get what she needed. oh yeah.  we CAN NOT wait to do this.

Saturday afternoon Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt
- so, this was supposed to be Sunday at 3pm.  but, it's spring.  so, Saturday is supposed to be 65 and sunny all day.  Sunday......doom, gloom, raining, and C.O.L.D.  so, YESTERDAY we switched the 50+ person party to Saturday.  as much as I wish I had room for 50+ people in my home, I just don't.  still, I am excited.
this is a BIG holiday for our family and it's #1 to us that people know why it's the biggest.
(and yes, I do know all the controversy behind 'Easter' and could banter back and forth with you all day....we do not actually celebrate Easter, we celebrate the Resurrection...but for simplicities sake...we just call it Easter ;-).

well, Sunday is Easter/Resurrection Day.  enough said, right?

So, I have been marathon cleaning and preparing, loving every minute but it is a lot of work and it's been time intensive!  It's cool though.  Each moment of prep brings a few prayers for each of the families and individual people coming.  

Father, may they know your love.  May they see what the sacrifice of your Son on the Cross has done for our family and can do for them.
Draw them in to you....

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Courtney said...

"when" you get a chance...NO rush...can you explain HOW you let those people know it's the biggest holiday? other than just LOVING them and LIVING it. this is a hard one for me. i might explain in a couple days, if i can figure out the words...