Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who Is Jesus to YOU?

it's Sunday, it's been a whirlwind weekend,

so, here it is.

this is the condensed of the condensed version:

and no one is allowed to laugh ;-)

To say who Jesus is to me I I’d have to go back to who God is.


My Creator.

Out of overflowing love, God created and I came to be.

I was born out of perfect love and the plan was for me to dwell with God.

To dwell with perfect love for all time.

But I chose to rebel against that love.

Rebel against the Creator.

And I chose to take control.

My creator knew I’d need rescuing. 

Because He created me, He knew everything about me.

My limitations being at the top of the list.

And my purpose being second on the list.

He knew my limitations would keep me from my purpose.

And He knew the further away I was from my purpose, the further away I was from Him.

Letting me go with no way back to perfect love was out of the question for Love Itself.

He had created me out of love and has now rescued me out of love.

He, God, made the ultimate sacrifice.


God emptying Himself, to become a man, to sacrifice for all time for the rebellion against His perfect love.  Jesus.  

He is my atonement.

My bridge away from rebellion and back to the plan of dwelling in perfect love.

His forgiveness of my rebellion, through His unsolicited and undeserving death, is that bridge.

My rebellion deserved it, His perfect love paid for it.

Jesus is my provider.

for all things lost in my rebellion from God’s perfect love.

Jesus is my renown.

because it is all about Him and why he came and His gift of reconnecting me to God’s perfect love.

Jesus is my comfort.

Because He knows that my rebellion will continue His forgiveness stretches far beyond my reach and lands at the feet of God’s perfect love.  I am never outside the bounds of His forgiveness.

Jesus is my purpose.

Because when I’m living a life that does everything out of thankfulness for His sacrifice, there is clarity, there is peace and there is a glimpse of what it will be like to be back in that original creation of perfect love.


Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

That's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It's great! Even if someone does laugh just remember it's not the first time someone has been laughed at for their love of God! It doesn't make that love any less true or your hearts words any less sincere! Beck

EM said...

Well done! Very clear and true.

Courtney said...

oh, yes...that clarity and peace that is only Him. thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.