Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I used to L.O.V.E. rainy days.

they were my favorite.

until I had kids.

who needs a weather guy?
I have kids.
kids who are extremely sensitive to the atmospheric pressure and have no filter.

the extreme grumpy sets in about 2 hours before a storm.
the grumpy is directly related to the severity of the storm.
the grumpy stays until the pressure is completely released and the sky is blue again.

the sky has been grey all day and we had a doozy of a little thunder storm this afternoon.

it's been really really really whiny around here.

rain rain go away...please come back when my kids are adults.

I know, I know, rain is good......our flowers and all our garden projects are eating it up - I just wish I was as thankful as them.  
Pretty sure they don't have four little kids though.

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