Friday, May 8, 2009

now that doesn't happen every day!!!!!

how fun is this!!!????

even the worms loved it!!!

(is it bad that I JUST realized how bad this looks...running in the street, worms, drinking from the fire hydrant....hee hee...)


socksofftoyou said...

I know your life is so chaotic sometimes but I also know you know how blessed you are. I really enjoy coming to read your blog because it makes me thankful as well. your girls are so beautiful all around. Have a great mother's day, you deserve it!

Stacy said...

As long as the worms aren't in their mouths...I think it's great!!! What a fun afternoon treat!

Happy Mothers Day friend!!

Missy said...

No wonder I didn't have water this afternoon-you guys drank it all!!

Beckysblog said...

Its very 'Middle of the Mid West" to me.

Love it.