Monday, May 11, 2009

Post Mother's Day Post

what a precious day we had.
it was relaxing and full of all the things a mommy could want.
being surrounded by her kids, naps, ice cream, yummy food, cool presents, cuddles and kisses!

Jake, once again, got creative and had this bracelet hand crafted for me at his favorite jewelry store:

the two bigger stones (onyx) are Lydia and Samantha, the two identical little stones are for Nora and Sophie, the small hand made bead is the Roman Numeral X because this is our 10th year of marriage. cool.
I haven't taken it off yet.
and I probably won't for a very very long time.

My husband is so cool.
And I think a 'thank you/SUPER Happy Mother's Day' is due to his mama because he is who he is in LARGE part to her!!!! (and because I accidentally had her flowers delivered NEXT Friday instead of last Friday!!! stupid computers)
Thank you for all you poured into's seeping out to us and what a blessing it is!

And, there aren't words to say to my mom accept, I'm sorry, thank you, how did you survive this?, may I now kiss your feet?, thank you for letting me live, etc. etc.......
I didn't know that being a mom was this NEVER made it look this crazy!
And I love you for it.

Happy Belated Mother's Day (in the blog world anyway) to you both - your legacies are ones I can only hope to strive for.


Courtney said...

wow - LOVE that bracelet and all the MEANING!!!!

The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

Great bracelet, score 10,000 for Jake!

I can see that being on your wrist for a while!