Wednesday, August 12, 2009

grocery shopping twin style

as if everyone who passes us doesn't already have enough to say to us - Nora and Sophie like to fully deliver and put on little shows.

walking arm in arm, walking like the mamba, dancing with no music but to the same beat or, like in this case, perform stunts:

and, not pictured but worth honorable mention, I tell the girls to 'hold your hands' a lot.
'hold your hands' to us means to hold your own hands together making it impossible, or nearly anyway, to touch anything.
On time # 247 today at the grocery store Sophie thought she'd mix it up a bit and hold her hands behind her head.

So, now she says she's two 'horn style' (consistently) and when told to 'hold your hands' acts as if she's just been arrested.

What a stinker.

(obviously we are all feeling a little better - it wouldn't have mattered, we had no food left, a shopping trip was imperative.)


Courtney said...

thanks so much for sharing that!i needed that today.

The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

So flippin' CUTE!

Missy said...

Their hair is even bigger and curlier today...I love it! Or maybe it just looks that way from hanging upside down, either way, flippin' cute as Kara put it. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this picture! So Awesome! -Erika Cargle

Liz W. said...

hee! Love that little Sophie! girl, she'll have you scratching you head for a LONG time ;-)