Thursday, August 6, 2009

love it.

the Willow Creek Association (a humongo/cool church in Chicago) puts on a Leadership Summit every year and simulcasts it around the WORLD!
This is my third year.
Spent most of today and will spend most of tomorrow there.
It has been, and continues to be, my favorite retreat/conference/event I have ever been to in my Christian walk.
By a long shot.
They are tailored to church leaders and business leaders and yet I find incredible amounts of wisdom for being an intentional mom, friend and wife.
It's weird sounding, I know, but just trust me.
Seek these out in your area - attend next year.
It's worth every minute and penny.

and somehow, even though I was at church most of the day, there was still time to soak up the intensity of my kids.

they do make for one full life!

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Sher said...

The woman I live with is there in Chicago.


Love you!