Monday, August 17, 2009

not like this.

Saturday Night: AWESOME girls night out. just great! except I fell asleep during Twilight, which is it's own sort of sacrilege.

Sunday Morning: Woke up and realized why I'd fallen asleep. Left eyeball was bulging out of my head and my face, teeth, jawline were in severe pain. Sinus infection.
Headed to Urgent Care and yes, I did have a sinus infection. I also had an ear infection and Bronchitis.

I was useless. All day.
Got nothing done. Had lots of plans to jump start and get ahead on the move but instead, was useless.
I can't describe how mad that made me.
I don't sit well and I crave the feeling of accomplishment but there I was. Just sitting and sleeping. Useless.

Monday: Signing the lease this morning and I'm guessing I will be somewhat of a freight train on a mission today trying to catch out!


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