Monday, August 31, 2009

turning turning four.

from this:

to this:

there is no describing what you do to your daddy and mommy's insides.
we're pretty sure you know though, so lack of words to describe it shouldn't bother you.
it's precisely what bothers us.

you look through people.
it's a gift.
you see past the shell and you jump.
whatever extreme that may be.

if you're testing someone, it's to the extreme.
if you like someone or something, it's to the extreme.
if you want to make someone laugh, it's the hardest they will have ever laughed.
you share to the extreme, you hoard to the extreme,
you dress to the extreme, you laugh at yourself to the extreme, you cry, scream and holler to the extreme, you run, skip and swing to the extreme!

I love you, my extreme child.
I love it that you are four!!!!
(don't tell your sisters but it's my favorite age ;-)

what a change we have seen in you this year.
from a little, almost silent, girl to an extremely talkative little girl.
so talkative that half the time, your words are coming faster than your mouth can say them. your thoughts are never hidden, sometimes your actions are ;-), but never your thoughts!
let's just keep it that way, k?

we love you SamSam.
oh boy, do we ever!



Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday Samantha!!Thank you for sharing the pictures and videos!Drew's baby and my gbaby was one on Sat.!!love you and miss you!Nanette

The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

Happy, happy, little Sam-Sam!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Samantha! :)

Love from Ohio--
Amy :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Samantha!!

-Erika Cargle

Missy said...

So glad the girls got to spend it with her eating swiss cake rolls on the patio (while we were cleaning). Looking forward to seeing Samantha be 4!!!

Jennifer C said...

Can't believe she is 4! I remember watching her when she was a tiny baby! I will always remember her cute little sweet! Hope she had a great day celebrating! :)

Courtney said...

oh, how i wish i could get our 2 4 year olds together. ALMOST as much as i wish i could get US together! :-)