Thursday, August 27, 2009

we interupt the house updates to bring you....

....THE party update!!!
the story:
Lydia and Samantha's birthdays are 13 months apart, we do ONE party!
Between the vacation, the move and friends moving 'the party' got swept under the carpet.
I reached in and grabbed it out from under the carpet when I realized that one of their best buddies was moving on Thursday and that this week would be IT if we wanted Summer to join us, and we did!

So, on Monday we planned and on Tuesday we celebrated....less than 30 hours later, here's what we came up with:

Hello Kitty/Barbie/Narnia/Strawberry Cupcake/Hannah Montanna/Minnie Mouse/Princess Birthday Party!!!!
At Burger King. With a store bought cake. (cringe)

(so so so so NOT my normal party)

I know, you're jealous ;-).
Can I just say though that it was a complete and total blast.
I absolutely wouldn't have had as much fun if we had planned months in advance
(so so so so my normal party).

don't believe me?
here ya go!

Happy Birthday Lydia and Samantha - I LOVED watching you and celebrating you for your special days!!!
I'm sorry you didn't have a more special cake but I'm pretty sure you didn't even care or notice....and I love that!


Courtney said...

your girls look so BIG in those pics! all 4 of them! i think that means you need to post pictures more often ;-)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA AND SAMANTHA!!!! from Abi, Emi and Lizzie (mamaw and papaw too)

Missy said...

I love all the pose action goin' on from your girls! It must have been a combination of their birthday and their super soft and silky new dresses. We had a blast!

Tisha said...

What a nice easy party!! Looks like the girls had a blast.
Our kids would be beyond excited to have a store bought cake. What do you think that says about my "special" cakes?