Sunday, September 13, 2009


Had dinner last night with our Pastor and his wife.

and I just gotta say: WE ARE BLESSED to call them our leaders.

big time.

we've had a roller coaster of a year in the small group department and were needing clarity, encouragement and I don't even know what.

they blew our socks off with wisdom, love, affirmation and permission to breath.

having leadership that gives you permission to breath is like being parched and drinking a massively large glass of ice water.

I'm still reeling. I don't know what I expected, but this was way beyond.

They are 'those' people, the ones you wish you could just follow around for a few months (or more) and soak up every bit of wisdom possible.
They are real, they are lovers of Jesus and passionate about truth.

so simple and yet, from experience, it's not easily found in again I say,
we are blessed to have them in our lives right now and even more blessed to be under their leadership.


and my prayer is to be that refreshing to someone else one day when the roles have switched....
God used them to unlock and throw away some burdens in both mine and Jake's hearts last night.

yeah for trashed burdens!

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Courtney said...

love that last sentence!
something we all need more of!
"trashed burdens!"