Sunday, September 13, 2009

fashion prediction:

Jake and I came up with our predictions of how the girls
might be with fashion as they grow up:
(deep subject ;-)

Lydia: seeing as how right now she goes for the over embroidered, 1982 styled dresses and anything with Mickey Mouse (not Minne....MICKEY) right now, I'm gonna say she is either going to struggle with staying current or really not care and wear what she likes no matter what everyone else is wearing. A true thrifter.
She had a blast shopping with me the other day as long as we were in thrift stores - as soon as we hit Old Navy and TJ Maxx - she was ready to go home - there was nothing there she liked!!!
She will have her favorites and she wears them over and over.
Comfort will be of extreme importance to her - extreme!

Samantha: the girl who changes four-five times a day right now and lives in her high heels (and sleeps) will be the gal we all wish we could look like. extremely fashion forward, creative and lots of flare. everything will be perfect. comfort will be optional.
accessories a must.

Nora: my girl who isn't taking well to the change of seasons because it means she has to put away her summer clothes and wear new ones, Classic will be her word. In style but clean, classic and polished. No major flare, comfort is best but if it doesn't look clean and polished, then comfort could be overlooked. almost lawyerish. think Polo's and pearls with dressy flats.

Sophie: who was practicing headstands off the edge of her bed in her Sunday get up this morning: It will have to move. Sport-like. Athletic gear, cute athletic gear, but athletic nonetheless. Jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes, pony tail, but don't forget the cute earrings! Dresses are ok but nothing more than a summer dress.

and this will be fun to look back on and read whether we were right or not!


Courtney said...

this was so fun to read!

Amanda Miner said...

Hmm, don't know which daughter I want fashion tips from, maybe all of them. So funny. Our Sophies are so similar!

Missy said...

Boy did you ever hit the nail on the head! That was fun. Just don't forget to go back and read this in 15 years-because you know you're still going to be blogging. :)