Thursday, September 3, 2009

first day back to gymnastics!!!

how it went: I was kinda worried about Nora and Sophie being in there - they are technically too young but the teacher, who is also my friend, thought we could give it a try and THEY DID GREAT!!! What a fun year this will be for all of them!

we LOVE our gymnastics around here and we are a tad excited!
this is Lydia and Samantha's second season, Nora and Sophie's first.

this is a new season all together for mommy....all four girls are in the same class, at the same time for a whole 30 min baby!!!!

what ever will I do with myself???


The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

OMG! Sophie and Nora look so grown up!! I can't beleive how much older they look with their little hair pulled back! Too cute.

It was a big day around here on Monday when Emma went back too! We heard of nothing but gymnastics for the whole last weekend and I am sure her teacher heard nothing but gymnastics all day in school on Monday.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are adorable!! They look so cute! -Erika Cargle

Mom B said...

Wow! The hair, the smiles, the excitement- Oh My!
How very fun for you all, and wish I was there to soak it all in! Luv ya!

Stacy said...

What will you do with yourself? Most likely you'll sit there and watch them and think how cute and beautiful they are...because it's SO true...but you COULD go outside and sit on a bench and do NOTHING!!! And it might just be the most enjoyable 30 minutes of your day...maybe!

Anonymous said...

Love the pixs.
Especially the last one. Jade loves her hair fixed this way for days out at the amusment parks. It just seems to stay put. It also makes me giggle to see four heads of rubberbands only because My husband finds them EVERYWHERE in my house. I can only imagine 5 girls worth.
Glad the house and schedule are working out for you.


Courtney said...

FUN pics!!!