Wednesday, September 2, 2009

going up:

NOTE: these are posted because I just need to do it but the rooms are not done. that doesn't matter to one soul out there and yet, I feel the need to give a disclaimer!?

Nora and Sophie's room (the "L" is for Lenora - her actual name ;-)

Lydia and Samantha's room: (Lydia wanted to pose for you. ok?)

stairs leading up:
(that's Lydia and Samantha's room straight back. Nora and Sophie are on the right, the bathroom and our room are on the left)

also upstairs: girls bathroom, our room and our bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, such lovely rooms with soft, beautiful colors! What a cozy space you've created for your girls!

Anonymous said...

It appears you have more room in the new place. Do you?


The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

Looks good so far! I am always so amused that your girls have the same dresser that I had as a kid!

Brandi said...

Can I just hire you? I need some help with my house. Bathroom remodel is done. Now time for the next project.

Tisha said...

I really like your decorating taste! It is so soft and flower-y and vintage. Love it!