Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Hay Bails.

genius I tell you. genius.
stack 'em up and climb 'em.
we could have stayed on these for four hours alone.
it was enough fun for me to actually entertain the idea (for 30 sec's) of doing this in our back yard:

"ok. now. smile pretty girls" (after a 'silly' shot)
"good job Samantha?"

something needs to be said about this picture....actually, every picture of this girl that day.....there is just something about Samantha, and for those of you who get to be in her life a lot, know exactly what I mean, even though there really are no words:

..and Lydia...there really aren't words.
this girl lately...I tell ya.
Really, could everyone just STOP growing!?

I could barely get a picture of Sophie on these - she was going so fast and was ALL business. TOTAL focus. So cute.

Nora wouldn't go with anyone but Dada...her new name for her Daddy....and she repeated it all day...Dada...Dada...Dada...etc...

see??? what are we supposed to do with that!?


Charla Ruwe said...

My dad would bail hay when we were growing up and my brother and I would do the same thing! It was so much fun jumping from hay bail to hay bail, except ours had a little bit of space (1-2 feet) between them. You had to run and jump or you would fall down between them! So much fun!!

KB said...

Holly, these are just precious photos! The size is perfect btw! Ran into mama and daddy benton at the festivus this weekend...we were talking about how excited we were to get to see the panter clan next weekend!! Yay!! See you soon!

Courtney said...

i LOVE these! as i was scrolling through them i kept thinking, "i'm going to say THAT one is my THAT THAT one." i love them ALL! :-)

Amy said...

You're girls are just so beautiful! I wish you all still lived in OHIO :)

Missy said...

Oh man, they had tons of cool new stuff this year! I'm loving the huge hay bails, those are awesome! Now I'm like jonesin' to get the girls there, they would have a blast!

Liz W. said...

the last pic of Samantha (where you see the bottom of her shoe!!) that's MY FAVORITE!!!!

Melissa- we went on Sunday, & Todd wants to go back! it was awesome