Monday, September 14, 2009

testing somethin' out....

oh happy day!!!!
my buddy Courtney just posted some photo posting tips and I am so excited they worked!!!!

you'll be seeing the Panters girls in much larger format from now on ;-)


Naomi said...

What were the tips???

Naomi said...

Oh... nevermind... I just searched through your comments and found her. I am gonna have to try that too!!

Courtney said...

yay! glad you could get it to work!it seems like each computer uploads pictures slightly differently and i hoped it was enough for people to figure out the "html."

excited about seeing the panter's BIGGER! :-)

jody said...

I don't think I commented last time, but now since it's bigger I feel like i need to tell you:
I love, LOVE, love this picture.
So cute.

KB said...

Holly, just posted this to your friend Courtney's blog...thought you might like to see what I do!
See below:

I'd like to teach you all something that seems a heck of lot easier than all this coding stuff! I use
Basically I edit all my pictures in picnik (also free editing site) then save them directly to photobucket. I then go to photobucket and resize photo to "large" and then copy the html code that is already there and paste it on my blog page. SOOOO EASY! No codes to write!
Hope this helps!
(found you through Holly)