Wednesday, September 23, 2009

this is good. this is very good!

#1 - found some jeans.
Levi's. $30 a pair.
oldy but goodies right!?

(still in disbelief that I am down two sizes!!!!???)

#2 - that 10 yr anniversary ring we bought in Portugal that at first inspection appeared to be silver and who-knows-what kind of stone....
is actually, after further testing, 14k white gold and moissanite.

what's a moissanite?
that's what I said!

it's some other stone, found from a meteorite a super long time ago and recreated today by man.

it's value? no joke. $20 less than the same amount of diamonds it would take to fill up the space in the ring.

so. we didn't get 'robbed' after all.

I know it's just money. but dude. It wasn't a cool feeling to think we might have been taken like that.


Mom B said...

I bet you feel much better about the ring now!
Glad you found jeans!

Sherilyn said...

I'm so happy for you regarding the ring and the new jean size. Good job!!