Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sophie wasn't keeping ANYTHING down this morning.

by lunch she was keeping down bread, yogurt and water.

her breathing relaxed as the day went on.

at dinner she wolfed two large helpings of noodles and two pieces of bread ~ poor girl!

it ended well and the day was nowhere close to what I feared it was going to be - HALLELUJAH!!!

I sanded some more, made 15 hair bows (don't ask, but that $1 ribbon bin at Michael's is about to put me over the edge), 3 tutu's for our fall party, sharpened every crayon, pencil and oil pastel in our house (and have a blister to prove it!) cleaned a little and now I'm finally going to tackle that massive pile of laundry on my couch.

Maybe we should just pretend to be sick sometimes.....that was a lot!


Tisha said...

Yay! Good for you. That is a lot! So glad Sophie is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my Sophie is better. Wish we could come for the party it sounds like fun.