Friday, October 9, 2009

excuse me while I get political...kinda...not really....ok yeah, it is.

....what is THIS about!?

great article written about it HERE.

and, after reading the above, I thought to myself,
"what if Thomas Edison had stopped at try number 35 when inventing the light bulb and we just went ahead and told him 'it was alright' we'll put you down in the history books anyway. E for effort Tommy."

and now I'm in tears thinking about the other 200 plus nominees and what kind of hero's they could have been (actually, still will be because we don't bow to the throne of Nobel Peace Prize....especially not now!) for my children, all children for that matter. (and where's my NPP??? I've put forth tons of effort on lots of stuff! right!?)

don't know why I'm even shocked about this....they did give a prize to Al Gore and Arafat.

Praise God...and I do not say that lightly....that I am loved by the ULTIMATE PEACE MAKER.
Really, the only peace-maker.
I love you Jesus - I love you love you love you.


heather said...

AMEN Sister!!!!! You are SO right and when we get to heaven we will all get a Peace prize!!!! :)

Tisha said...

This is interesting....
well said Holly.

Beckysblog said...

Double AMEN!

Angela said...

I like it when people get political. :]