Monday, October 26, 2009

excuse me,

I might be a little 'absent' this week.

making a cake for 85+ people
(Fall party at a Hispanic church in the heart of our city, putting on a fall alternative party on Oct 31 - and I think we're gonna join them!!! how fun is that!? our church has partnered up with this church several times to fill huge needs in their community - totally looking forward to actually seeing their beautiful faces and dancing with them in their church!)

sanding down a 10 foot table and 8 matching chairs

finishing up fall costumes

working on Christmas presents


I'm going to have to reschedule our Fall Party!!!

If you were planning on coming Nov 1 - please stay tuned for another date -

and doing all that while balancing school, home, little hearts, big hearts and just stuff -

I'm just sayin'....if you don't see me this week, it's all for good stuff - fun stuff - the best stuff!

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Courtney said... presents! stop it! i'm so overwhelmed i can't even think about christmas! how am i going to do it this year?!?