Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm here.
I'm busy.
It's all good.
But it's busy.

What's new, right!?

from last Thursday to now:
Slumber Party with highschool girls -
and for some random reasons had a highschooler at my house from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon - and I think I'd like to do that all the time!!! what a HUGE help!!!

shopping for and preparing for family pictures, which we canceled due to weather, that ended up being perfect, but it was too late

celebrated a birthday (JAKE!!!!)

meeting at church

the 'Farrest' - because the sun decided to grace our presence

a little shopping

senior pictures for a highschooler from CASA

scrambling to help a military sister move because they've been begging for a better house for a year now, finally got one, it's was super duper too fast and she's sick, and she's crazy busy, so she needed some 'sisters'

school, housework, date nights (we are catching up on a few seasons of The Office - how did we get 'that' behind!!!?? and how did we go that long without it ;-)

being mesmerized by these four very animated little humans running around our house (which takes up the most time and we LOVE that!)

blogging has taken a back seat - I'll be back - once my 'sista' is in her new house, I have groceries in my fridge again and I am caught back up on sleep (have a sick/coughy kid and I don't sleep through those, even if they do!)

oh. and I'm doing my own bootcamp for my workouts in the morning - and wow.
they are painful.
and you should totally do them!!! ;-)

need to go kiss some chubby cheeks goodnight and then I think I already hear The Office music playing....

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