Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I think I like this!?

Jake's schedule has changed just a tad.
Same amount of hours but on two days a week he doesn't go in until 8:30 am
(as opposed to 6:30 am)

So, we devised a plan for at least one of those mornings.

And I think I liked it?

I get up as usual and work out until 6:10 am.
Then I head down the road to Wal-Mart
(ONLY because it's the ONLY 24 hr. grocery store anywhere near us)
and do my weekly grocery shopping.
and with almost clear isles.

The test run was this morning.
I was home by 7:45am - workout and grocery shopping DONE.

I don't want to do this forever, but doing the bulk of my shopping without the girly girls, not feeling like I'm taking any chunk out of any part of my week and having almost the whole store to myself -
now those are some things to get excited about.

I'd be 100% sold if it was a Super Target and if their hummus was way cheaper....but I still think we're gonna go with it.


that was really starting to be a huge drag in my week!
And, now it's not.

yeah! answer to prayer. even if it did seem like a really petty one.


Courtney said...

i'm so glad you posted this.
this is a HUGE drag in my week, too. i have so few windows to do anything (including PLAY!) and i hate taking 1 window to grocery shop!
i'm going to have to come up with something like this...
i need to think outside the box...

Missy said...

Baker's is open 24 hours. There is one right next to Shopko...is that one a 24hr? I know the one by Target in your old stomping grounds is 24hours....it would only be an extra 5 minutes if you didn't want to do the Walmart route.