Friday, October 30, 2009

listen for what the kids had to say.

just listened to yesterdays and today's Focus on the Family.
I'd heard it before and remember it from three years ago -
it touched me again today as if I'd never heard it in the first place.

give yourself 45 min and go - listen to both parts of this family's story.

I didn't know there was an 'unadoptable' list in this country and why does a six year old know that he's on it!??

This family goes beyond the true definition of HERO.
Boggles my mind in an amazing way.


EM said...

Ya, I listened to it too. I wept through most of it. Amazing. It's a neat series that they are doing. I wonder if we'll ever have what it takes to be an amazing family. I guess we do have what it takes, they Holy Spirit, the question is will I ever listen and obey?

EM said...

oops I meant the Holy Spirit. Der! I type fast when I get emotional.