Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my sam sam.

three things.

1. Samantha is consistently coming up with new outfit and accessory concoctions and wanting us to 'approve'. She always wants us to 'approve' of her coloring, or cleaning jobs, or creativity with her toys...etc...
all that to say, it isn't uncommon to hear her say things like:
Mama? Do I look beautiful?
Mama? LOOK!
Mama? Do you like this page?
Mama? Come HERE!

and by 'not uncommon' I mean hourly.


2. It's no secret how many times people tell me (or I thought I was the only one hearing it) how 'FULL MY HANDS ARE'
"Wow, you've got your hands full" is something we hear about 5-8 times for every hour we are in a public place. Again, no secret.


3. Samantha just came down the stairs with four baby dolls in her arms and this is what came out of her mouth:

Mama? Do I have my hands full!?

In that, "aren't you proud of me, this is what having your hands full means" kinda way.
Makes me wonder if she thinks that 'having your hands full' truly just means, having four little girls.
nothing more, nothing else, nothing less.
In fact, from her tone of voice a few minutes ago - I'm sure of it.

and now, I think I might hear something different every time I'm told that!


Robyn said...

Oh my--they say the funniest things!!

Wanted to let you know I gave you a Kreativ Blogger award on my blog today.

Anonymous said...

You have your hands full of the blessings from a loving Father!! I love you just for being Holly!


E said...

Now that we are using the potty I constantly hear " Do you want to see how much pee-pee I put in the potty!?! It is a mix of pride and the need for celebration. So funny...